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منابع بهایی عرفانی


1. God the Great Imaginary Delusion

2. The Universe and Scientific Questions (Physics, Biology)

3. Competing Old Traditions and Ideas (Religions)

4. Other Philosophical Questions

5. The Manifestation of God [Insan-i-Kamil]

6. Path of Gnosis (Knowledge/Understanding)

7. Understanding stories and words of Past Manifestations

8. What is the Identity of God of religion if God is ultimately Imaginary due to our limits?

9. Baha’i Texts, Analysis and Translations

10. Other Baha’i sources on Gnosis

11. Learn More about Other Traditions

12. Baha’i Relics


What was before the Big Bang?

Three compelling arguments are as follow:

1. Since events before the Big Bang have no observational consequence, one may as well cut them out of theory and say that time began at the Big Bang. Events before the Big Bang are simply not defined because there’s no way one could measure what happened. One argument is that God is above the concept of time. God is above existence.

2. Multiverse explanations and parallel universes.

3. Sequential infinite cycle of universes that come to existence after eons when the last stars and black holes evaporate by Hawking radiation.  An eon of nothingness when only photons exist at the end of the universe is mathematically equivalent to the singularity of the beginning of the universe.  Thus the end of one universe is the beginning of the next.

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Other Scientific Topics

What is Consciousness?

The brian creates the illusion of consciousness, or consciousness is beyond the brain? ...

What is time?

Does time actually exist or is it a human illusion generated by the brain for survival. Consider general relativity...

Why do we Dream?

Patterns of thought generated by means of electrical impulses, a random cleansing mechanism of the brain, or an alternate reality for the human and animal soul?

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