a Bahá'í Resource of Irfán (Gnosis)

منابع بهایی عرفانی


1. God the Great Imaginary Delusion

2. The Universe and Scientific Questions (Physics, Biology)

3. Competing Old Traditions and Ideas (Religions)

4. Other Philosophical Questions

5. The Manifestation of God [Insan-i-Kamil]

6. Path of Gnosis (Knowledge/Understanding)

7. Understanding stories and words of Past Manifestations

8. What is the Identity of God of religion if God is ultimately Imaginary due to our limits?

9. Baha’i Texts, Analysis and Translations

10. Other Baha’i sources on Gnosis

11. Learn More about Other Traditions

12. Baha’i Relics


Translations, Analysis, and Commentary

on various Bahai texts

Seals of Baha’u’llah used to stamp his Tablets to authenticate them.  These are translations of what those seals say.

On why Allah’u’Abha was chosen.

Translation of a Poem by a Bahai martyr

Poem of Baha’u’llah analysis

Tablet of Baha’u’llah on the duration of his dispensation at 500,000 years

Bi-linear Arabic – English text

Analysis of the term

3 Obligatory Prayer

Bi-linear Arabic – English text

The Universal House of Justice to the Bahais of Iran in 1964

From the Kitab-i-Badi

Word by Word of "Hidden Words"

Word by Word Analysis of Hidden Words

Prayers and Meditations

Parallel Arabic/Persian and English presentation.

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