It appears that he has still not understood the meaning of effulgence (tajallī) since he has not known its dwelling-place.  This is the dwelling-place of the Source of effulgence (mujallī) not the effulgence (tajallī).  If you observe with the same insight you will discover the source of endless effulgences (tajallīāt).  This answer was given since past times, which is the same as (bi`īnih) that which was revealed by the Primal Point.  Set aside the mention (zikr) of effulgence (tajallī) and your invalidation of the repetition of the effulgence (tajallī).  Perceive the source of effulgence (tajallī) and become the servant of detachment.  What does the Primal Point say – may the souls of all else but Him be offered up for His sake – but reveal that the Point of the Bayān is the same as (bi`īnih) that Point of the Furqan[7] of the past.  Also in the whole of the Bayān it is revealed: “man ahar `yna man yuharu wa man yuharu `yna man ahar.”… [rest of paragraph not translated]…

The Primal Point –  may the souls of all else but Him be offered up for His sake – was revealed in the same (bi`īnih) fashion (qasam) that this Manifestation[8] (uhūr) is now revealed.  Reflect that thou mayest apprehend!  This is that Promised Manifestation (uhūr) of the Bayān that all (kull) have promised.  In this Day the conduct of all who have turneth away from this Manifestation is, in the sight of God, condemned and not recorded.  He, verily says, in this very moment: “I, in very truth, am God, there in none other God but Me!”…. [rest of paragraph not translated]…

Know that in manifestation (tajallī) two conditions are recognized:  the condition of repetition and the condition of non-repetition…. [rest of paragraph not translated]…

What do you say of the preceding stage[9] in regards to John son of Zechariah and Jesus son of Mary?  John son of Zechariah, who was sent prior to Jesus, made claim to prophethood in such wise that all the sects of Islam now believe in and recognize it.  The people came to know His laws and ordinances, in such wise that a soul was presented into His hands, recognized His messengership, and went through customs that in that time had descended from the heaven of the Will of God.  He would, with water, wash him and reveal the Words of God.  In this way He would give mankind the Glad-tidings of the Manifestation of the Most Great (a`am) Word, who is the Spirit of God (rū Allāh) (Jesus Christ).

After that the Spirit[10] was [outwardly] manifested and the Word of God rose from the behind the veils as the Divine Splendors (ishrāqāt) shone forth resplendent.  The people objected that outwardly He appeared in the community and company of the sinners.  In the Gospel itself it is written that He would interact with so many that in numerous cases they cast repudiations upon that King of Divinity.  A special case is that in one of those days some of those heedless ones held Him in their grasp protesting: “O Spirit of God!  The companions of John son of Zechariah were ascetic to such an extent that in the days they fast and during the night proclaim the remembrance of God.  However we perceive not from Thee and Thy companions worship and remembrance of God.  We do not see Thee detached from the possessions of men.”  The Spirit pondered within Himself, and then lifted His head and said:  “If John was as ye claim, then why didst ye kill Him, O disbelievers?”  He said, assuming as ye say that I am a sinner, what of John son of Zechariah who had done nothing wrong and all gathered around that Manifest Beauty in uprightness and piety – why then didst ye kill him?  Amazing is unbelief, and disappointedly lost are the unbelievers[11].

Likewise they protested that Thou (Jesus) didst change the Laws of John notwithstanding that His Cause is still not proven among the people and His Dispensation has not yet ended.  Not a single day has passed between that Manifestation (uhūr) and this Manifestation (uhūr).  He would wash[12] the people with water, but Thou hast born witness that the Holy Spirit washes them in the way that Thy companions have been.  They fasted but Thy companions eat.  He manifested complete asceticism such that the people did not possessed money, not even to the extent of a mustard seed.  Yet each one of Thy companions that crosses the farm does not refrain from seizing and eating, and furthermore Thy companions do not observe good deeds.  He said:  “This day is the day of jubilation and pleasure.  The time has come for all to observe good deeds.”  His aim was that since it was the days of meeting with God, then in truth it is the station of the Paradise of the Divine Being.  If, in this station, some people are neglectful of the Path of Truth, exalted be He, they shall be forgiven.  After the ascension of the Spirit to the Throne of the Most High (a`lā) of course they shall perform those acts they are commanded to perform.  I swear that the Manifestation of the Primal Point and this Manifestation of the Most Wondrous Abha are the same as (bi`īnih) the Manifestations of John son of Zecharia and Ruh’u’llah (Jesus) and all [events] came to pass identically.  In the same fashion (qasam) that John was a Prophet (nabī) and Messenger (rasūl) from God, as well as the Herald (mubashshir) to the Next Manifestation, such that He revealed: “O people!  I announce (abshshar) unto you that the Kingdom of God is at hand.”  In another instance:  “…and the Kingdom of God is at hand.”[13]  He was the possessor of laws and ordinances, and in His days that Spirit (rūh) was outwardly manifested.  The Primal Point – may all souls be offered up for His sake – after taking his covenant from all, gave glad-tidings of the next Manifestation, revealing: “there shall appear the Presence of the Zenith and ye lay slumbering”.  It is the same as (bi`īnih) the announcement that John son of Zechariah made and gave glad-tidings of.  Those things that they protested against Jesus son of Mary, the people of the Bayan have protested against this Manifestation.  So thou hast written that the Dispensation has not ended.  That the Laws should not be changed.  This is what the utterly false have revealed to you, that specifically they have not acted according to the Persian Bayan.

Also the change of laws has nothing to do with each Manifestation’s greater claims over the previous Manifestation, in a way that [because of His greater claim] He must change the Laws and abrogate the previous Cause.  Since the Point of the Bayan has revealed that if the people of the Furqan had not protested, the ordinances of the Qur’an would not have been abrogated.  Furthermore, in your own and everyone else’s belief, David is one of the Prophets of God and the Possessor of the Book.  However He commanded the people to observe the ordinances of the Torah.  Likewise in the Words of Jesus son of Mary it is revealed:  “I have not come to judge the world, but to bring John to the world.”  It is clear from this statement that at first the Manifestation did not wish to change the ordinances of the past, since He did not entirely change John son of Zechariah but only some of the matters.  What is clear is that the Spirit changed the law of Sabbath and replaced it with another day.  He also prohibited the law of the sword and divorce.

[1] Of Bahá’u’lláh

[2] Cannot decipher the meaning of this phrase.

[3] Clear

[4] The context of the question and answer seems that they are discussing the Manifestation.

[5] Of the Báb

[6] Cannot decipher the meaning of this phrase.

[7] Muḥammad

[8] Of Bahá’u’lláh

[9] Of progressive revelation

[10] Jesus Christ

[11] Cannot decipher the meaning of this phrase.

[12] Baptize

[13] Matthew 2:3

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