This is the Most Holy Tablet اللّوح الاقدس sent down from the holy kingdom الملکوت المقدّس unto the one who hath set his face towards the Object of the adoration of the world قبلة العالم, He Who hath come from the heaven of eternity سماء القدم, invested with transcendent glory بمجده الاعظم

In the name of the Lord, the Lord of great glory المجد العظيم.

THIS is an Epistle کتاب from Our presence unto him whom the veils of names سبحات الاسماء have failed to keep back from God اللّه, the Creator of earth and heaven فاطر الارض و السّماء, that his eyes may be cheered in the days of his Lord ايّام ربّه, the Help in Peril, the Self-Subsisting.

One thought on “LAWḤ-I-AQDAS (The Most Holy Tablet) – Tablet to the Christians”

  1. I wonder if you intend to post the portion of this Tablet found in Ruhi bk 9 – Section 21: Blessed the Slumberer, the same way as you did for the Tablet of Carmel. (Arabic/English).
    It is really appreciated.

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