Provisionally translated by Dr. Khazeh Fananapazir.

He is God!

His honour Karbalái Muhammad Salmáni, upon Him be the Glory of God the Most Glorious One!

O thou the servant of Bahá!

Praise be to God that thou art
a candle in the heart of the assembly of love,
a light in the meeting place of divine love,
the fruit upon the tree of grace,
a flowering bud in the rose garden of divine mercy.

Thou art stirred by the breezes of the garden of paradise and art verdant by the gentle winds of heavenly bounty.

Now that thou art confirmed in this grace thou must pass the days of thy life to obtain that which will attract divine nearness, nearness to the divine threshold.

This nearness does not consist in physical nearness but it resides in supplication, in prayer, in servitude of the world of God. The more you strive
in this servitude the more divine nearness will be realized and you will become close to Him.

As much as is possible you should acquire those attributes and characteristics, so that you may become utterly evanescent and nothingness itself in the Path of God, so much so that even a trace of being may not remain within you, and that one should be as a dead corpse before the hands of the washer of the dead, utterly ephemeral, having no thought or remembrance of the self and ego,
become as nothing face to face with the observance of the divine ordinances, attracted and enamoured of the commandments of the All-Merciful, to move by that strength, to be distinguished by those qualities.

This is the station of self-annihilation in God and being everlasting through God, and upon thee be the Glory [the Bahá’].


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