Tablet of the Master `Abdu’l-Bahá to Ustádh Muhammad Sádeq Salmáni

(provisionally translated by Dr. Khazeh Fananapazir)

By hand of his honour Qaabel [the one who is the recipient of the divine mercy], upon him be the glory of the Most Glorious One. To Kooshakak his honour, Ustádh Muhammad Sádeq Salmáni, his honour Karabalái
Muhammad Salmáni, and the friends of God, upon them all be the Glory of the Most Glorious.

He is God!

O ye enkindled ones with the fire of the Divine Covenant! One can in no wise imagine any tranquillity or real prosperity in this narrow region of earthly existence for it is oppressive, constricted, and laden with sorrows…

The world of real tranquillity is the world of the Kingdom of Him Who is the Lord of All Creation. It is that which has true expansion the dominion of generosity, of bounty, and of liberal grace. Thou shalt always be veiled of the lights of those spiritual spheres as long as thou are beholden to this world of dust. And thou shalt ever remain oblivious and negligent of the Sublime World as long as thine heart is attached to the terrestrial realm.

So ye should utterly focus your eyes unto the other world, of matchless glory, and ye must needs obtain attachment to that other realm. In this wise all your days will be past in joy upon joy and at all times ye will be surrounded by joy of spirit and conscience. This is the counsel of ‘Abdu’l-Baha.



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