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Here is an analysis of the word “that nature”, “an innate and untaught nature” from the Qur’an.


Baha’u’llah wrote:


“Say: … Do not object, when the verses of God are sent down unto you from the Court of My favour, saying, “these do not proceed from an innate and untaught nature الفطرة “, for that nature الفطرة itself hath been created by My word and circleth round Me, if ye be of them that apprehend this truth.”

قل… لا تقولوا انّها ما نزّلت علی الفطرة انّ الفطرة قد خلقت بقولی و تطوف فى حولی ان انتم من الموقنين

The word has


Shoghi Effendi translated this word الفطرة as “the true Faith”, “the creation of man”, “inner”, and علی الفطرة has been translated as “the Mouthpiece of God”, as in the following sentences:


“The voice and the lamentation of the true Faith have been raised.” ESW


“Thereupon hath the cry and the lamentation of the true Faith been raised once again, saying: “Verily, Sinai calleth aloud and saith: ‘O people of the Bayan! Fear ye the Merciful. Indeed have I attained unto Him Who conversed upon me, and the ecstasies of my joy have seized the pebbles of the earth and the dust thereof.’ And the Bush exclaimeth: ‘O people of the Bayan! Judge ye fairly that which hath in truth been manifested. Verily the Fire which God revealed unto the One Who conversed with Him is now manifested. Unto this beareth witness every man of insight and understanding.'” ESW


“Thereupon the voice of the true Faith was lifted up, calling aloud again and again and saying: “O concourse of the earth! By God! I am the true Faith of God amongst you. Beware that ye deny Me not. God hath manifested Me with a light that hath encompassed all that are in the heavens and all that are on earth. Judge ye equitably, O people, My manifestation, and the revelation of My glory, and the radiance of My light, and be not of them that act unjustly.” ESW


“Thereupon We heard the groaning of the true Faith, and said unto it: “Wherefore, O true Faith, do I hear Thee cry out in the night season, and groan in the daytime, and utter Thy lamentations at daybreak?” ESW


“The voice of the true Faith calleth aloud, at this moment, and saith: O people! Verily, the Day is come, and My Lord hath made Me to shine forth with a light whose splendor hath eclipsed the suns of utterance. Fear ye the Merciful, and be not of them that have gone astray.” ESW


“Wert thou to incline thine inner ear unto all created things, thou wouldst hear: ‘The Ancient of Days is come in His great glory!’ ESW


“And now, concerning thy question regarding the creation of man.” GWB


“Others regarded Him (the Bab) as a man smitten with madness, an allegation which I, Myself, have heard from the lips of one of the divines. Still others disputed His claim to be the Mouthpiece of God, and stigmatized Him as one who had stolen and used as his the words of the Almighty, who had perverted their meaning, and mingled them with his own.” GWB


“The fire of Thy love that burneth continually within me hath so inflamed me that whoever among Thy creatures approacheth me, and inclineth hisinner ear towards me, cannot fail to hear its raging within each of my veins.” PM


“Should any one incline his inner ear, he would hear the cry and the wailing of all created things over what hath befallen Him Whom the world hath wronged, at the hands of them with whom Thou hast covenanted in the Day of Separation.” PM




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