Universal House of Justice to Baha’is of Iran in 1964

O ye that are nigh unto His threshold, appreciate thy chance now that at this time the wayfarers are prepared to tread toward the valley of eternal felicity.  Strive and hasten forth until you are first among the company of wayfarers.  The confirmation of the Abha Kingdom escorts thee in thy path, and the brigade of the Concourse on High protects thy troops.  The charger of endeavor and faithfulness is thy well-paced horse.  The Most Great Name “Ya Bahá’u’l-Abhá” is thy hoisted standard.  The charger of His lover’s heart in the realms around the world is the companion of thy journey.  The city of resignation to the almighty leader is the road-side inn of thy desire.  The felicity of this world and the next is thy irrevocable reward.  What do you give other than thy devotion and endeavor in the field of servitude?

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